Hi, I'm Uno 👋

I created StartupLadder to help recent grads and young professionals like me find non-technical entry-level jobs at startups and tech companies.

After graduating from the University of Southern California (fight on!✌️), I felt the pressure to join a big company post graduation and ended up at Oracle as a Business Development Consultant doing sales. A few months later, I realized that both sales and corporate culture wasn’t the right fit for me, and wanted to transition back to working in a startup environment.

During the job search process, I noticed how hard it was to find entry-level roles, specifically in marketing and product (both areas I was personally interested in). The majority of job postings on popular recruiting sites such as Linkedin were mainly for more senior, managerial type roles that I wasn’t qualified for, or looking for unpaid interns. I also realized that many companies don’t share their open roles on job boards at all, which leaves us having to visit each individual careers pages which can take up a lot of time.

The number of high quality entry-level roles that I did manage to find were mostly sourced from super niche venture capital and tech email newsletters I subscribed to, or after tediously sifting through the depths of the internet using certain keywords such as “associate” and “coordinator”. I found this cycle to be inefficient and not conducive to finding the right workplace fit since the process was not only extremely time consuming, but also didn’t provide much insight into what it was actually like working at the company.

As a job seeking early 20-something, I felt like there wasn’t a place I could go to find the roles I was interested in at the types of companies I wanted to work for.

StartupLadder is a place where companies can share the open entry-level roles they’re hiring for and talk about the cultures and values that makes them unique. I want to help those early in their careers get a jumpstart in finding careers where they can grow both professionally and personally.

Working on StartupLadder has taught me a lot so far and I’m constantly learning so please don’t be shy with giving any feedback and suggestions! I love talking about startups, tech, and life as a recent grad so get in touch :)

Feel free to reach out via Twitter: @unosusanto and @startupladder

Or slide in my inbox: uno@thestartupladder.com

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